Diagnostic Tools


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The ideal tool to simulate and actuate the output signal from automotive sensors: frequency, voltage and test sequences It will help you in your diagnostic when scan tool diagnosis ends. Sensors, injector actuators will inform the scan tools that...

HU31025 SCOPE+

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The ultimate automotive tester Solely designed for automotive electrical circuit’s trouble shooting! Easy and simple to use; no extensive electrical knowledge needed. Fully protected. Will not cause damage even accidentally using OHM measurement to measure Volts. Measures: Amps draw...

HU35026 DIESEL HIGH PRESSURE KIT for the HU35025 Universal Digital Pressure Tester

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Easily & Safely test the diesel common rail pressure. With this set, the mechanic will be able to safely test the diesel common rail pressure both in-line (in series with engine running) and for direct pump pressure (cranking the...


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The HU35025 replaces dozens of standard diagnostic kits in just one set. This kit can measure: Diesel and Petrol compression Oil pressure Turbo pressure Cooling system pressure AD Blue pressure Fuel low pressure Vacuum pressure Particle filter pressure Exhaust...