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Motorcycle & ATV Diagnostic Scan Tool in Shock Absorbing Case and Software (Motorscan 6050R17)

Regular price $3,199.00
Overview The Motorscan 6050R17 is the next generation motorcycle and atv diagnostic scan tool. It comes preloaded with software for 50 manufacturers and over 3000 models of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. A shock-absorbing case is included. The scanner comes in a carrying case...

Universal Motorcycle & ATV Diagnostic Scanner Master Kit (MS6050DMM )

Regular price $4,499.00
Overview The Motorscan MS6050DMM Master Kit includes the next generation motorcycle, scooter and ATV scanner pre-loaded with the master software covering 50 brands, and 10 most popular OEM connector cables. It comes in a carrying case with Master Cable,...

MS6053 DIVAS Accessory for MS6050 Scan Tool

Regular price $799.00
Overview The 6053 DIVAS is the new accessory available for the MS6050 universal scanner - extending the range of diagnostic capabilities through a series of additional applications necessary for proper tune-up of power sports vehicles.   Features: Synchronization of throttle...

MS520 Master Cable for MS6050

Regular price $195.00
The MS520 Master Cable for MS6050 is the replacement for the Master Cable found in each MS6050 Universal Diagnostic Scan Kit.

MS510 Kawasaki 6-Pin Scanner Cable

Regular price $169.00
The MS510 Kawasaki 6-Pin Scanner Cable, also known as the SL010510 Scan Tool Cable, supports Kawasaki models (Model Year - 2010), and is compatible with the MS5950 and MS6050 universal diagnostic scanners.   View Cable List By Manufacturer or use our Online Configurator