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Snap-on Video Scope / ANSED Video Scope Adaptor (P/N ADPTR)

ANSED Video Scope Snap-on BK Scope / Probe Adaptor. • Allows ANSED probes to be used with Snap-on BK5500,BK5500A, BK5500W & BK6000 series analog video scopes• Multi Pin / Threaded Side of Adaptor connects to allANSED Probes• Quick Change Side of Adaptor connects to the Snap-onBK5500, BK5500A, BK5500W and BK6000 series analogvideo scopes• Both connections include locating markings for properconnection....

5.5mm, 1m long Probe w/ Hyperion Technology (P/N 55H)

ANSED 5,5mm Probe, 1m long w/ Hyperion Technology. Unique Hyperion technology, with a touch of the button, will add additional light, provide additional mirroring and rotating of images, and clear the screen of particles and reduce glare and reflection when using mirror attachment. A Unique Design Featuring Hyperion Technology 5.5mm Probe: With unique Hyperion Technology IP67 rated dust & fluid...

6.0mm Front View Articulation Probe (P/N 60ART)

ANSED Video Scope Articulation Probe, 6mm, 1m long, front view. • Articulating head provides 310° totalviewing angle• Thumb Wheel Articulating Head Controlwith Locking feature• Flexible Coil Communications Cableextends probe reach• LED Light illuminates inspection area• Multi Pin Connector with ThreadedScrew Collar• 1m length

Video Scope Probe (P/N 28FLX)

ANSED Video Scope Probe - 28mm with Flexible head

Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-UC28)

ANSED Under Car Inspection Video Scope Kit w/ 28mm Probe, complete with AV Cable, USB Cable, SD Card (4GB) and 4 AA Batteries in a Cardboard Presentation Box Carrying Case

Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H)

ANSED Video Scope Kit w/ 5,5mm Probe w/ Hyperion Technology, complete with 1 mirror 110°, AV Cable, USB Cable, SD Card (8GB) and 4 AA Batteries in a Plastic Carrying Case. A Unique Design Featuring Hyperion Technology Video Monitor: Shock Resistant, glass screen (not plastic) Large 3.5” screen Full-featured compact design Date/Time Stamp on Monitor and Photos/Videos 5.5mm Probe: With...

Articulation Probe Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-ART)

Innovative Video Scope kit with 6.0mm diameter Articulation Probe. Probe features a 310° articulating tip providing visual inspection of engine cylinder and components, and more applications. IP67 rated. Records photos or video.   ANSED/VS-ART Complete Kit contains: 6.0mm Articulation Probe SD Card - 4GB Capacity 4 AA Batteries AV Cable USB Cable Plastic Carrying Case Download Brochure ANSED Diagnostic Solution...