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Articulation Probes Video Scope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-ART)

Regular price $899.00
Innovative Video Scope kit with 6.0mm diameter Articulation Probes. Probes feature a 310° articulating tip providing a visual inspection of engine cylinder and components and more applications. IP67 rated. Records photos or video.   ANSED/VS-ART Complete Kit contains: 6.0mm...

Videoscope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-55H)

Regular price $299.00
ANSED Video Scope Kit w/ 5,5mm Probe w/ Hyperion Technology, complete with 1 mirror 110°, AV Cable, USB Cable, SD Card (8GB) and 4 AA Batteries in a Plastic Carrying Case. A Unique Design Featuring Hyperion Technology Video Monitor:...

Videoscope Kit (P/N ANSED/VS-UC28)

Regular price $499.00
ANSED Under Car Inspection Videoscope Kit w/ 28mm Probe, complete with AV Cable, USB Cable, SD Card (4GB) and 4 AA Batteries in a Cardboard Presentation Box Carrying Case

Video Scope Probe (P/N 28FLX)

Regular price $299.00
ANSED Video Scope Probe - 28mm with Flexible head

5.5mm, 1m Long Hyperion Probe Technology (P/N 55H)

Regular price $299.00
ANSED 5,5mm Probe, 1m Long Hyperion Probe Technology. Unique Hyperion technology, with a touch of the button, will add additional light, provide additional mirroring and rotating of images, and clear the screen of particles and reduce glare and reflection...
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