The process of diagnosing general performance, drivability, no code and catalytic converter issues can be complex and frustrating. Modern OBDII systems may miss problems too small or infrequent to set a code. In seconds, the Exhaust Gas Analyzer will detect problems too marginal to be detected by an onboard computer or a scan tool.

Experienced technicians agree that a Gas Analyzer is an integral part of their diagnostic toolbox. One quick test of the exhaust gases emitted from the tailpipe helps reduce diagnostic time, verify repairs are complete, reduce comebacks, and increase overall profitability and customer satisfaction.

With ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics System there are no more charts and graphs, no more black magic calculations. The ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics Software interprets the exhaust gases and their interactions, and provides a top-down list of suggested problems and solutions in order of probability.

And, the KANE LIVE Graphing Software allows LIVE detailed monitoring of the gas readings on your PC.
The ANSED Exhaust Gas Diagnostics System is the most complete and comprehensive solution on the market today.

Included in the kit!

KANE LIVE Graphing Software

The KANE LIVE Graphing Software is a great way to connect to the AUTOplus Gas Analyzer to view gas exhaust readings, all in "real-time” on your PC via Bluetooth™ or USB Cable.

Data is viewed either digitally or in graph form so you can easily track parameters over time as they change.

If required, the live data can be saved and stored on your PC. The software also allows for printing.

Key Benefits