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The ANSED Diagnostic Solution
is the combination of a portable gas analyzer and advanced software, that can analyze the components of the exhaust gases and uncover problems throughout the engine, fuel system, exhaust system including the catalytic converter.

Results in Just a Minute!
In just 60 seconds, the ANSED Diagnostic Solution will analyze and propose recommended solutions. It even finds problems not yet severe enough to set a trouble code.

Please watch our video to learn more about this exciting new product!

  • Shorten Diagnostic Time
  • Reduce Comebacks
  • Sell More Service
  • Make Customers More Comfortable
  • Find NEW Customers

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“The single most effective way to determine which emissions are being produced by the engine is through the use of a 5 gas analyzer.  The ANSED Diagnostic Solution provides accurate gas readings and helps in diagnosing emissions concerns.”

Joseph Bacarella
- Manager Tenneco North American Aftermarket Technical Assistance Centers

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